Salaams all. I am married for 4 years this year. I was working before i had a baby. I left work since my baby was born. Shes now 2 and half years old. when my baby was born my in laws was busy making plans for my baby to stay at their home with there domestic helper.(i wasn't directly told. this was told to their helper in my presence)( And we were not living with them, we were renting ). I refused i resigned and stayed at home with my child.My belief is that you can always make money but you can not get back your child's childhood and everything they do as babies. Shukran to the almighty my husband has bought a house a year ago. Things maybe a little difficult now and then financially but there is not a day where we run out of food or anything that we need shukran to the almighty for this.( i do not have a domestic worker, i do everything in our house). But my in laws keep on telling my husband to send me to work till today reason being my mother in law left her children with a domestic helper from the time they were babies. She want me to do the same. Every-time my husband goes there he comes home, a few days later he always has something to say.(husband can never refuse his parents for the world) Ya Allah (swt) please help me. My mum lives very far. sometimes i just want to leave him, take my child and go stay near my family. Leave my child with my mum and go to work.I love my child so much. Just the thought of leaving her makes my heart cry. Please advise what do u do? why do in laws always have to interfere?