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Thread: Studying Law

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    Studying Law

    Slmz.. This one is for all the ladies .. I'm currently in my matric year & considering studying Law. What I'd like to know is are there any muslim women that have studied law or are currently studying it & how are u finding it? And hw does being a lawyer (the workload etc) fit into the lifestyle of a married woman? Would you reccomend Law as a career? Jzk

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    I am an attorney.left practice and in the corporate field now.I am married and have a ten month old baby.I love my career!and strongly believe that if you are passionate about something you will find a way to do it.there has to be a balance between your work life and home life. I say go for it the workload depends on where you work.And remember with a legal qualification your career choices are not limited. Once you admitted you can open your own practice as well. When I was considering what to study I read istigarah to get some guidance.

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    Salaam, im a married female and a practising attorney. I love my job, you need a good support structure, as your job may be demanding and you would need assistance once u have kids. But as stated above, you have many options once you admitted, some which are less demanding on your time.
    All the best

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    Salaams. My advice would be to think very carefully about studying law and getting into the profession.

    I am an admitted attorney and currently in practice and from my experience, it is a very demanding profession, particularly if you are practising in a large firm which services international clients and other overseas law firms. From my experience, working in this type of environment, the hours are long and the workload demanding - depending on where you work, there will be times when you will work until late at night (there is no such thing at a large law firm as 8:30 to 17:00) and weekends. It can be a juggle with married life - I recently got married so time will let how this juggle plays out. I personally would not recommed anyone getting into this profession unless you are either highly ambitious, have a passion for the law or are super efficient that you are able to get time consuming tasks completely very quickly.

    The above said, the law as a choice of study is very interesting and the type of work to which you may get an opportunity to be exposed may be exciting and intellectually stimulating, but you should elect your choice of study (and then profession) with eyes wide open. Of course all that I have said is based on my own experiences - I dont think there is any one-size-fits all response here.

    All the best with your choice and studies inshAllah.

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