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    I was watching a movie the other day where this woman was pregnant and had complications. The doctor advised her that she should rather abort the baby to save her life. I want to know is abrotion permisible in this case?

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    Abortion in is Islam is prohibited and it is Haraam

    Allah states in the holy Quran:
    Whosoever has spared the life of a soul, it is as though he has spared the life of all people. Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has murdered all of mankind." (Sura Maīda V. 32)

    One should not base the outcome of one’s child on someone else‘s predicament. Only Allah alone can determine the outcome of any child. Furthermore as Muslims we should be proud of the fact that Allah has given us the medium of communication with him and that is Dua. Trough the medium of Dua a person can overcome many challenges and difficulties in life. So place your total reliance in Allah and ask him for fruitful results, for verily there’s nothing to colossal for Allah to do!!!! Remember where our limitations end, that is where Allah’s Power start, so have good expectations from Allah and never resort to aborting the child especially not on the opinion and predicament of any one besides Allah.

    And Allah Knows best

    Ml.Habib Bobat

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