From Fathima Zahra Sayed Mohideen:

EDUCATORS, what protocol would you have taken? PARENTS, how would you have reacted, knowing the school did not take serious action?.....GANGSTERISM AND BULLYING....17/01/2013 to the 11/02/2013 Incident 1) during school victim accused of telling on boy breaking fence when a man from the area actually witnessed fence being broken during December period, after school, just outside school gate, victim is grabbed from behind and attacked and foul languge is used regarding the victim's mother. Incident 2) next morning in school assembly area victim is approached by 8 boys, victim slapped and kicked. Incident 3) victims mum sent him(victim) to the nearby t/shop, 3 boys, 2 students from this group of bullies, mocked him asking him for a slice of bread and swore at him, the one boy took his chain from his jeans and hit victim near the eye, victim defended himself and went bk home. Incident 4) boy cofronts victim and threatens to stab victim with pair of scissors during school.. Incident 5) Boy takes early leave. As victim walks towards Mosque to read namaaz, 3 boys at same school and one unknown male catch victim on nearby highway and threatens to smash brick on victim's face and "no one can do anything as his uncle was part of the TDK gang" bearing in mind the boy with brick in his hand was the one that took early leave! Incident 6) in the morning victim was standing on ground when one of the boys showed a threatening hand-signal...during first break victim was approached by the boy 20 - 30 boys on school grounds, one boy first attacked him and then the others kicked him too and some stood by and watched, teachers intervened after boy was already attacked, parents were not informed, mum unexpectadly goes to school to discuss previous brick incident when she is informed in the reception area by another student that her child was attacked, mum calls the father. When the father comes to school he asks the son( victim) to point out these "bullies"to bring them into the office because previously after every incident they always hid the school blocks and none of their parents came to the he approaches the one boy tries to throw a slap at victim and father intervenes...Local newspapers and parents that were not present have made numerous false allegations and the victim and the parents are the so called "thugs" in society....please keep in mind the principal was made aware on every incident. No serious action was taken. Victim always came home beaten up, upset and disturbed. He was always threatened that "it wasn't over"..."Soon he will have nowhere to hide" and foul language used against him, the one boy even spat at him. Incidents were not reported to SAPS because the principal always informed victim's parents tha a tribunal was to take place but after last incident parents found out SGB knew nothing. Parents how would you have reacted if it was your child? Educators how would you have handled this situation? Please share your views....Shukran