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    I hope that this remains confidential and that I won't be judged. Life is hard without it already.

    I out of curiosity called a naughty chatline. To be honest I found it more funny than pleasing. I wondered why these women entertain and how they got paid. I neglexted to ask even though I intended to. Are these things hoax ? I am threatened with court action and or fraud if I don't deposit s huge some of money. I regret doing what I did and don't need negstive comments. Should I see a lawyer ? What can I do ? Should I ignore it ?

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    I dont think it was necessarily tricked. They offer a service, you called for it, even though you had no intention s of using the service so to speak, but fact remains is that you called. As far as they concerned, you called them so you owe them. When u foned was there anything that stated you would need to pay? How do they have your details that they are sending you letters and what not? I think before contacting a lawyer try and remember if you agreed to pay a fee, whether it was verbal or press 1 to accept or something. Dunno how these work but can imagine. If u did agree then u dont have much to stand on. Perhaps CPA comes into play here. Goodluck

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    sounds like they trying to scam you, these phone services, ask for your credit card details before servicing you :-) otherwise they would never be making money and underage kids would be calling them from prepaid sims

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