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Thread: smoking and trading tabaco, makruh or haram?

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    smoking and trading tabaco, makruh or haram?

    As Salaamu-alaikum Moulana,

    Is it permissible to own a tobacco store? Previously, Ulema have passed a fatwa stating that smoking, owning & trading was allowed, however makruh, I believe that due to recent scientific and medical evidence of the fact that smoking does indeed cause harm to ones self and others,in the form of many incurable diseases, it is now HARAAM to smoke or trade, please advise,


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    Walaikum Salaam

    Scientific and medical research have brought to light the great harms of smoking, however, some senior Ulama are of the opinion that the harms of smoking are not absolutely definite, different people react to smoking in different ways. Hence, we can not say that it is Haraam to smoke. It is indeed a frivolous activity with no benefit what so ever and does have potential harms. Thus, it is Makrooh to smoke. We advise all to make an effort to give it up as soon as possible.

    As with regards to business, it is not permissible to own a specialised tobacco store or company. But if a person is selling groceries and together with that, he sells some cigarettes, then the income from this will be Halaal however it will be detestable.


    Yusuf Moosagie

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