Slms, I would like to hear other mums experience with a similar 2year 8mth old son is not yet talking. He can only say the ffg words: mumma, papa, car, truck, duck, star, tractor, scooter, tiger. He knows and understands EVERYTHING! But just cannot speak it. He points to watever he wants and other than that, the entire day he wil be saying 'that that that ther' he has a full on coversation like in that way just sayn 'that that that ther'. He is NOT tongue tied. He is NOT autistic, his ears are fine, he has been for a speech therepy assesment, and the therepist adcised to start speech therepy(which i will be doing wen he turns 3) . For now, id like to hear other parents feedback woth regards to this. Jazakallah.