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Thread: wife not interested

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    need help!

    wife not interested

    Slm all. I have been married for a few months now and am really happy in every aspect of my marraige except the bedrroom life. My wife doesn't seem interested at all. Alhamdullilah Allah has kept me faithful but I fear temptation will misguide me to find pleasure elsewhere. Allah guide me and keep me on the staright path. I hav tried on numerous ocasions to talk to her but to no avail as she seems to understand what I am saying but doesn't seem interested enough to do anythng to solve the problem. I fear for my marraige and I don't want to loose it but I don't know what else to do. She doesn't want to be touched or anything. I ask you am I being unreasonable? Is once in 3 or 4 weeks normal for a newly wed couple? How do I fix this? Please help? Am I the only one that has this problem?

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    Red face Bedroom Woes

    I was in a similar situation - please bear with your wife. it could be numerous things.

    Firstly you are newly weds so she could be not comfortable with you or shy.
    If she is from a muslim home, more likely this is all new to her and has not been exposed to this before.
    If she is on any kind of contraceptives, it does kill a woman's drive.

    For the first year of marriage, it was awkward and felt dirty. not to mention uncomfortable if you are sore.

    8 years later, I am happily married and can't get enough of my hubby. I wish i took advantage of my first year of marriage without any kids being around! more time to roll in the hay!!

    please bear with your wife. don't even think of committing adultery. Give her time to adjust. And maybe don't use contraceptives as it does kill the drive.

    hope that helps

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    you need to talk about this openly without getting embarrassed cause your married now so its ok to talk dirty with her... ask her whats up why not? Where when and how do you like it? Try romantic things first touchy touchy feely feely...hugs and kisses, holding hands...stroking laughing joking first...no force or aggression ...soon she will adjust to the fact this is normal practice, and donít beg her for it or nag her all the time for it, get loved up and one thing will lead to another on its own....give her time she needs to get to know you to feel comfortable around you and with you.... if she needs time or space give her time and space...let her know you love her as a person and not for the sex your trying to get from her...

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    It could be that she is not yet comfortable. Perhaps you should try just holding her skin on skin. No jimaa/intercourse. Make sure she is comfortable and used to your touch. Some women don't get aroused at all if they are not comfortable.

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