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Thread: Cures for Depression

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    Cures for Depression

    Slms Nanima please help
    been feeling very down for the past couple of months. Im cranky, cry all the time, feel so sad. Is this depression? Anyone know of what I can take??
    Jazak Allah

    Nanima please help - "I need some advise. At times I am very happy and few minutes later feel depressed. I feel a pain on my heart and down a lot. Especially when I am at home or doing nothing. Mood swings. Irritable and not satisfied with anything and very negative. Is this a sign of depression or bipolar and what remedy

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    Depression is usually a holistic issue mind, body, soul and spirit.

    why am I feeling down. Do a full self ***essment.
    Am I eating properly?
    Do I have the right things in my diet?
    Am I exercising enough?
    Am I doing any sin?
    Am I neglecting something especially spiritual side, salaah etc?
    Am I worrying about things I can't change?

    If you have a problem, solve it or accept it. - sit down and write it down. Then reflect and think is there anyway i can solve this. Solve it. If you can't solve it. Accept it as the will of Allah and move on..

    Seek counselling and professional help as well especially if you feel you may be bipolar. Maybe that there could be hormonal imbalances caused by excessive stress, worry and anxiety and you may need to bring it back to balance.

    Some tips
    1. Starting eating properly especially a good wholesome morning breakfast. add fruit and veggies to you diet. Get a good balanced diet.
    2. Start exercising.
    3. Drink more water, maybe dehydration causing you to feel down
    4. Eat Dark chocolate
    5. Smile more even if you have to force yourself to smile.
    6. Laugh, have a good good laugh.. watch something and laugh until your belly hurts
    7. crying also cleanses the soul.. have a good cry
    8. stop all the negativity now. Whenever you hear yourself dwelling over the past or telling yourself some negative self talk say "SHUT UP" as Sadatullah khan says.. tell those evil whisperers to shut up and hambha..
    9. have an attitude of gratitude.
    10. Forgive, it is more for your sanity to forgive. it set's you free and you can drop that baggage u carrying around
    11. Repent and ask Allah/God to forgive you
    12. Fast it really balances body, mind, soul and spirit

    when i find things are going tough, i reflect and look at my life and see. am I loving something more than Allah. this is very dangerous because if you love or even fear something more than Allah it can be like shirk (as sociating partners with Allah). you love someone so much that if you not with them, you feel depressed and you want to kill yourself, that could be shirk.. you are not putting your trust in Allah and not accepting His Will.
    Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened.
    when i had the worse experience of my life. this shirk realisation really gave me a wake up call. i realised that this situation was controlling my life and I was on a borderline of shirk. i skriked wakker and took back my life. it was not easy but with every difficulty there comes ease..
    i also fasted. fasting helps to balance a person in away and gives you self control of your desires.
    i suggest you beg Allah to help you and make a dua that Allah if this is in the best interest of your deen and livelihood to make it easy for you and if not, to make you happy with whatever the outcome is.
    trust Allah and leave in his hands.
    i highly suggest making your mission to Love ALLAH and inshaAllah everything will fall into place.
    if you feeling depressed please try and make talbina – it might help with the depression inshaAllah
    more info about talbina
    wake up for tahajud and cry and beg Allah to remove you out of this state.
    increase in dhikr
    read lots of quran
    protect yourself from shaytaan – read surah baqarah every 3 days
    read the adhaan to yourself when you having the negative feelings and thoughts
    here are other ways to remove shaytaan’s whispering
    increase your good deeds
    also just visit http://1000gooddeeds.com to find some ideas
    will fall into place.

    Lastly be grateful. Thank Allah for everything..

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    I will tell you only two things...
    first is that sleep properly at least 10 hours from 24 hours and second thing is that eat well like milk, eggs, green vegetable like beans. Do not think anything just be fresh always and free of mind. Go to morning walk daily and do yoga. These are some important tips with that you can avoid depression. Thanks.........!

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