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Thread: marriage sites

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    marriage sites

    Nanima, my problem is coming from a small town with very few muslims,I am having difficulty in finding a suitable match. I do not want to go on a dating website to look for a match but it seems like I have no choice. Does the dating websites really work or is it just people wasting time. How reliable are they. Thanks for the help.

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    My advise wud be... Don't go looking for it. It will come to u. Insha Allah..just be patient n have faith in the Almighty. He is the best of planners

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    I agree with rae...things happen when they are meant to. Live your life and it will happen to you when it's meant to.
    When you live your life and do things that you enjoy, you'll land up socialising with people who enjoy doing the same things and that is how everything will just fall into place in due course.

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    My advise to u, leave the bf n concentrate on studies or whatever, u not missing out on anything,let ur hubby b the first bf man in ur life

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