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Thread: My husband does not trust me

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    My husband does not trust me

    Slms nanima.
    I have been married for 25 years and have 1child.
    However,marriage has never been a bliss. Before marriage i have went out,socialising,having many male friends.the hubby keeps insisting on to know the things i used to do.i have sound knowledge of islam,and as far as i know,he does not need to know about my past.but i have told him anyway,but since he thinks so low of me,somethings that iv never done,i told him i did.basically he doesn beleive wat i say,and always says im hiding sometying.the thing is he does watever he wants.goes out,comes home the next day,gets drunk,swears,hides his mobile,i dont even know wat goes on in his life.if i question him for these faults,everything is turned towards me,he starts asking wat did i do in my past,how do i know this and that person,wat am i hiding,why do people talk bad about me.basically he saying indirectly, he can do wat he wants coz i cant be honest.pls note,since marriage,allhamdulillah,i have changed and been a good wife and mother.i dont have any family to rely on,i dont have any friends.i dont go anywhere,i dont do anything wrong.we do have some good times,but its just back to square one again.pls help and advise is there something wrong with me.i regret my mistakes as i was young,but i have asked Allah for forgiveness...im thinking of divorce.not sure how to do it.

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    Dear sister. I understand what u going thru. I'm only married 1yr 2months and to be honest I'm in the same situation as u,my husband knows everything about my past and when ever we fight or he doesn't like something I said or did he would throw my past in my face. He knew about my past b4 he married me,sometimes I wonder why did he maRry me if I was such a bad person. I'm 7months pregnant and when he first found out,he denied the child saying its not his altho I have done nothing wrong. I sometimes feel that leaving is better but 4 some reason I can't. May allah make it easy 4 us.u in my duas.

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