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Thread: Dilemma- future in-laws

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    Question Dilemma- future in-laws

    I have a dilemma...
    Ok, so I speak to a boy and we decided marriage... But without consulting parents first, just to make sure we happy with each other
    I invited a family memeber of his on a social networking site so that person can help me an this guy meet up etc..
    So he tells the family that this guy is speaking to so and so, which is prohibited to speak to girls in that household.
    I'm scared because my parents don't know that I speak to this guy but his family already know my name

    What can I do so they can know me properly before assuming?..
    I want to have a good bond with his family

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    Well inviting his family member was really, really silly! There is nothing for you both to do except tell the truth to your parents and his. Hopefully they will be understanding! If they are not at first, give it time. Boy's families like to assume that you have corrupted and lead their son astray. They will eventually realise you are serious, and hopefully you can get married with no hiccups! Good luck!

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    Jee, it was silly idea..
    Its easier sad then done :/
    They probably already assuming that I am abad person when I'm not at all..

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    I have a similar problem
    I haven't spoken to my guy the entire day, his phone is off
    Now what do I do????

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    Try to make contact with him via Facebook or E-mails or you can contact his/her friend to be in contact with him...Just to make sure that al the issues needs to be solved only by facing each other...

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