If its a money problem, make shukr because it's not a 'real' problem.

As women we forget that our husbands have a duty unto their mothers. My husbands's Jannah is beneath his mother's feet... I want to be with him in Jannah... so I have to allow him to attain his Jannah in the first place. This is a two-way street. Does he stop you from helping your family? Not just financially, but with your time and effort?

That being said, communication is key in all matters in marriage. It is not fair on either partner to just assume the other knows what is bothering you. You have to say it. Men don't often take hints. You have to say it! I'm not saying start an argument. As women, we have to learn to speak with hiqmat/wisdom. Speak tactfully. Speak strategically. Money matters can quickly become a cause for more unfortunate results. It is best you speak to him

A good dua to make is "Ya Allah, in all your wisdom, please make only GOOD come of this." We dont know what position we will be in later in life. Let your husband's action be a good deed towards his Jannah; rather than making him regret his actions.