@ a crossroads
my hubby and i will be married 5years this year.
when we got married we lived with my inlaws, i have been working from the time we got married and i always supported myself,hubby and his dad had there own business, 2 & 1/2 married, the business was doing well and hubby and FIL both seeked employment.. hubby for some reason couldnt and still cant hold a job...we have 1 child and i see to all her needs and my own ,last year my MIL passed away and this year my FIL asked us to move and for his son to support his own family as it is now his time to live, we moved to a flat and couldnt make ends meet and are now living with my parents.. just yesterday my hubby said that the people he is working for will not be re-newing his contract.
i know that money isnt everything.... but im starting to worry if hubby is ever gona get on his feet and make a life for us