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    Slmz,Ladies would just like to find out what and how do yous fulfill your husbannds needs during your monthlys...don't want 2 do anything which is haraam or nt allowed in islam,please help asap

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    السلامعليكم وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُ sister Allah reward u for being Allah fearing أمين. In cases when u hav ur monthly's the best option and the most safest option is to give ur hubby a hand job. Dnt rush thru it but make it the best for him. Please dnt ever think of giving a blowjob(oral sex). If u are a hanafi it is makrooh-e-tahrimi very close to haraam. If u follow any other madhab then find out from an aalim who is efluent in that madhab. But from my point of view a hand job is the best...jus be ready to have some tissues available as it does get messy lol(wink). Remember take it slow and dnt rush, ask ur hubby how he would like u to rub him. At times u wuld havta go fast! Hope this helps. Take care and enjoy

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    و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله و بركاته

    Yes this is a very important question

    Whilst a women is in her monthly menstruation period it is Haraam (Forbidden) to have sexual relations with one's partner. However the following acts are still permissible whilst in periods.

    1.Fondling with each other
    2.To share the same bed (not relations)
    3.The husband may take benefit from the lower part of the body that is below the private parts and like wise the above section of the body also.

    Note: only intimate sexual relationship is prohibited in this state. Other than that everything else is permissible.

    And Allah Knows best

    ML.Habib Bobat

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    Clarity needed

    Please I need clarity on this issue.The one person says oral sex is makrooh bordering on haraam and Moulana says everything else is permissible.Im so confused right now.

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