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Thread: My helper/domestic stole from my home

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    My helper/domestic stole from my home

    My helper has been with me since 2009 and I've had no major problems with her, as a result trusted her more and thus allowed her to work on days when I was at work. However, I had being doing some cleaning an id had taken out unwanted clothing and placed it all in sealed black bags ready to take to the recipient. On taking the bags to the recipient noticed that a mens shirt and ladies top was missing. I know exactly what put in the packets and I had counted each packet contents when packing. There was nobody in the house especially the bedroom where the packets were. So it could only be her. Please advise me on how to approach her or how to handle this situation. I don't know if I could trust her again.

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    Not to trivialise the matter, but I feel like what she took was in bags that u were going to give away anyway. @least she didn't take something of any real value. I also feel like maybe u shud consider offering her old clothes 1st b4 u give them away elsewhere. Charity begins in the home.
    Ofcourse u will feel like u can't trust her now, so just make sure that u lock away all things of value securely if u r not going to be around when she's cleaning.

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    Speak to her and tell her these items r missing and in the future if she wants anything,she is to ask,instead of just taking. I caught my maid wearing a pair of gold earrings of mine, which I had left lying around. She was remorseful and gave it back, but it was her first offence and she's still working for me with no other incidents. Make it known that u r aware evn tho u r not at home. But just lock things up and give her a mild warning.

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