It seems that many many men do not wear the pants in their home . From the responses to people problems some woman seem to come through with replyís so cheekily , so adamant, so rude , not all woman but many give the impression .

May be men like their woman this way . Maybe men like to help their wives in the kitchen cutting onion n setting the table n putting on the washing n sweeping n mopping the floors etc

Well I am the man of my house . And my wife stays home , home schools my kids , cooks n cleans . Not one day does she complain oh n did I mention that my mother stays with us . We donít keep a maid either . My wife does everything.
Yes she gets tired n no I donít help her cause she wonít let me ,

Everyday when I come home my wife is happily awaiting me we are married for 7 years now . Happy years .

The love that allah has put in our marriage because we respect each other , my wife never nags cause when I say NO she knows I mean it n I explain why .
It is her duty to listen n obey her husband . Allah has made man the ruler of the house . My wife is not afraid of me but it is the respect n hayaa she has been brought up with

I on the other hand , the man of the house give my wife all my love n support n respect her for what she does my me n my family . I shower her with love ❤️ gifts n holidays etc cause she deserves it . I love her to bits

We never think of one day when we get divorced what will happen ? Nor do we think if one of us have to die what will happen either . Cause rozi Allah gives . Birds who feeds them ? Fishes in the ocean ? Insects ? Etc allah is the provider .... not your degree or your status .

Today woman want a career cause they say if they divorced or if their husbands die what will become of them ?
U think negatively than that what u get .

A woman, her father must look after her , or her brother or her husband or her son . If nobody is there for her than she can collect zakaat . I heard mufti AK Husain day this on his many QnA . Ladies feel embarrassed to take zakaat but prefer to disobey Allah n go out and work . Where is the barakhaa in this earning ?

Secret to a happy life . Men wear the pants 👖 n woman respect your husbands , n serve them like kings they will in return treat u like a queen. Donít your husbands are not romantic n not loving etc u oh woman take the first step if u want to see happiness in ur marriage.

If u going to say why must woman take the first step etc n why men are leaders etc than that is a sign you donít want a happy married life. Men n woman are not equal . Each play different roles . Yo make a happy home we compliment each other . Donít fight got ur rights n my rights , work together n see how allah blesses such a couple .

U reached so far reading my lecture lol
May Allah bless each and everyone. sisters who have it tough , pray tahajud n make dua . Allah wonít leave or forget his servants. My special duas to all my brothers. May you stand up as a man n do justice to ur wife look after her cause woman are beautiful fragile creatures. Love ❤️ het respect what she does for u brother . There is no life without a wife. To all mums n wifeís ur all special .
Show love n respect and thatís what u get .