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Thread: can't stop watching

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    can't stop watching

    aNANimous Question
    I know many people will judge me for this confession/ question but I am a female in my early 20s with a porn addiction. I watch it almost everyday probably as a means to keep me away from wanting to get involved in an intimate way with a man. I have urges yet I don't want to do the deed until I marry so this has been my way of controlling my urges. I don't feel ready for marriage just yet so being told to do so is not a solution. That being said I realize this is wrong both Islamically and mentally. What can I do to stop this bad habit?
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    You should fast every Monday and Thursday.
    If this doesn't help then fast every alternate day.

    Do not listen to music or watch music videos.
    Reduce your intake of meat especially steak.

    Start a daily exercise routine.

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