Slms i am married .i have always wanted sex more than my sexier half. I always thought men want it all the time,everytime.
I was very surprised when we set into a routine of once a week. At some time it was also once every 2 weeks.
We never had a honeymoon phase where it was everyday. First I found that wierd. He just said..once a week satisfies him. If I try to initiate anything he says his tierd.
I stay waxed and Always have sexy underwear on hand.

It makes me a bit suspicious of him.. I wonder if his cheating or jerking off on the side. But for 15 years it's been like this and we have moved overseas and back and it's been the it can't be someone..he showers with the door open and I have watched him. His at work the entire day.I know I check on him. I check his phone all the time.. nothing suspicious like porn or anything. I'm also overweight..I been thin and fat. It's been the same.
Are there other men like this..? Or do I have a problem?

The once a week he initiates and would hint to me during the day..its always great.. I keep thinking replaying it in my mind and i want it again like maybe even the next morning. He says the reason we always have awesome sex is because we wait to do it the entire week. I'm still reeling and getting butterflies in my tummy from memories of 3 nights ago..I'm permanently horny.