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    aNANImous Question
    "This is a sensitive subject and I need Islamic based advice, We are too shy to approach anybody about this problem. My husband has premature ejaculation, quite serious as he only lasts 2-4mins. This obviously effects our intimate life as I never get enjoyment out of an experience that short-lived. I suspect this was brought on by his teen years when relieving himself as most teen boys happens in private and rushed to avoid being caught, he definitely is not masturbating in private so that's also ruled out as a cause.
    Any advice to treat this, ""natural"" ways doesn't help at all? It's a very difficult thing to get help for. "
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    Possible solutions

    It could also be a fitness and strength issue.
    Husband should do strength and resistance training.

    The sunnah guides us on how to commence with relations with sufficient foreplay to ensure that the wife is prepared for the act and to ensure the wife's satisfaction as well as what to do between rounds.

    The above should be investigated and there are many easily available books on this topic.
    If husband is unable to recover for a longer second round then he definetly is lacking in bodily strength and should improve his nutrition etc.

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    So a lot of inexperienced men have this issue... It helps for him to stop and start again after. Also while he's shipping he still needs to manually stimulate you so that you don't also come down. I have my husband finish me off manually before or after he's done if he ends up finishing without me

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    Just a brother
    Itís difficult to answer. It is true that if hubby was jerking off before marriage he would be a quick shooter. If so, have him take things slow, work him up to just before he tips and then stop. Then work him up again. This way you prolong foreplay and build your excitement too and you both then do a quarter mile sprint in 2-4 minutes. Remember, itís not about coitus alone itís a build up and intimacy of two souls. If it was just about hit and run, there wouldnít be intimate bonding which is what most couples forget.

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    Take your mind off things

    Your husband should try to take his mind off sex while his inside you. It's difficult but it works. He should think of something else besides sex. That will help prolong the experience. Dirty talk also makes guys come quickly. Rather be quiet.

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