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Thread: Spice up your life

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    spice up your life

    Spice up your life

    Salaamu alaikum everyone.

    This is more a statement than a question...
    I’ve noticed recently that many women don’t mind not ‘being’ with their husbands regularly and look for silly excuses to ‘get out of it’ from headaches to being tired to not wanting to mess up their ironed hair, having a busy day with the kids etc...

    I just want to say, being married for 10 years now, I’ve learned that one of the best things a wife can do is satisfy/service/get down with your husband regularly. (Im a wife)

    I SO understand the injunction of the Hadith that chastises a woman especially, for refusing her husband unnecessarily because Allah has made men different in a sense that if they go for a couple of days without being with their wife, their propensity to look at/flirt with/fantasize about other women increases greatly!

    If you’re sorting him out at home, he will definitely be much less likely to want attention from other women.
    For me, having a jealous streak like I’m sure most of you have, I feel much more comfortable knowing my hubs is going out into the world with an ‘empty tank’ so to speak ☺️

    Of course there are exceptions to the rule where for some men, it’s never enough, but a couple of times a week should really be the benchmark for all married couples. If it’s regularly much less, I can quite safely say that one of the spouses are finding other means of release (online, self service, outside service).....

    Husbands and wives! Please be mindful of reviving this important part of marriage in a way that is mutually pleasing to both spouses! Too many couples are not working out because they are not on the same page about this very crucial marital component...

    May Allah bless all married couples with fulfilling. And gratifying relationships in and out of the bedroom!

    Aameen. "

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    May Allah reward you for speaking the truth

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    So my wife looks for an excuse to get out of it example looking for a fight to turn her back and sleep or whenever the question is risen its like ow is that all u think about
    Some advise plz

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