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Thread: Pregnancy and Fertility

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    Unhappy Pregnancy and Fertility

    Good day, i got a letter from my worried doctor after i could not walk due to bad period pain again after many years going to her for the same problem, shes asking if i can get a papsmear, general checkup,ect please. Shes worried all the tests she wanted to do is soooo expensive and im not working at the moment. Im abit worried ive been going to her with excruitating abnormal stomach pains for days on end. Ive had the worsed period pains since i was 16 and im 35 now, i have no children, and my pains are worsing. There are times my stomach blows up, then gone the next day. Or a pain hits me on my left side always from my stomach to my leg. the pain is so severe i laying crouching upto an hour just breathing, and crying cant do anything else, the pain numbs my body and i just feel so numb, exchuasted, and i will wait it out. All i would like to all find out will i ever be able to have children, even tho im considered old now in people eyes. How do i go about going to Rihima hospital and following the right procedures. Please your help will mean alot. I just want to find once and for why ive been suffering all these years, and if i am infertile is it necessary for me still suffer with all these woman problems and just remove what the problem is and what is not working anymore. i cant anymore with pain.Thank you

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    Hi i get two ectopic prencany last year where I end up losing both tubes... So I want to know the price for ivf plz help..

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