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Thread: halaal issues

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    halaal issues

    i am a muslim educator that teaches in a school that has learners of all faiths...my grade partner is a non-muslim....during school fund-raising events, we both get together and do hot-dog sales....i insist on purchasing halaal simply chicken hot-dogs...during the last fund-raiser, with-out my knowledge, she got a parent ( who was a christian but now married to a non-practising muslim and christian in more ways than one) to purchase mielie-kip hot-dogs. her reasoning being that it is more cost effective than simply chicken....before i could see what she had bought my grade partner discarded all evidence of the packaging but i knew the difference between mielie-kip and simply chicken and i was upset with her. i have never seen the halaal logo on the mielie-kip packaging at any time....when i got to hear about this i confronted her...and she insisted that it was o.k as it did not contain any meat in it.....also justifying this by saying that a muslim parent had bought it for her...shockingly, my principal who is also muslim brushed the whole thing off as trivial.....his only interest in this being profit and money for the school....
    during a recent visit to the shops, i had a closer look at the packaging and it clearly listed CHICKEN EXTRACT as part of its ingredients....this was shocking and it angered me greatly...
    i chose not to partake in the profits from that sale and explained my feelings to her...what's bugging me is that many muslim learners may have consumed haraam food...nothing further was mentioned after that....since then many more fund-raising events have taken place but i am sure that haraam products are being sold to unsuspecting learners....most of the non-muslim educators get upset and very defensive when the haraam/halaal issue is brought up...
    my principal did not bother to check the status of mealie-kip as well....i asked many muslim parents if they consume this and many did not eat it....muslim parents entrust their kids to us and it is the duty of a muslim educator to ensure that a learner eats halaal food....if every-one understands and respects the fundamentals of every religion, then problems like these can be avoided....

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    reply to halaal issues

    this is very bad. i could go into a long discussion regarding young children and eating/cleanliness habits at school but to give a suggestion to your difficult situation - when food sales are taking place, if food is not halaal and you are certain of this, put a sign at the food stall you are at specifying that the food sold is not certified halaal. its on you as an educator to see to the well-being of your learners as best possible and if others including the principal do not like the sign, they are disrespecting faith. perhaps this will encourage the inconsiderates to make certain that halaal supplies is very important. since you are at the stall selling food, people will assume that the food is safe and halaal to buy. thank you for posting this as it has created awareness for us as parents to relay to our children.

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