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Thread: Drug addict doctor treating patients when he is high

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    Drug addict doctor treating patients when he is high

    It still surprises me how far away our community is from being "human".
    Lately i have been made aware of a very scary situation. A medical doctor in practice, who has been treating patients for the past decade or so, is a drug addict. Yes, not an unusual situation, addiction is prevalent in every circle, but what is scary is that he is allowed and encouraged to treat patients even though he is clearly intoxicated. Cocaine, crack, pethidine, methdone, prescription drugs, he has even tested positive to it while on duty at the hospital (his colleagues were aware). I am disillusioned, i am afraid and i am disgusted.
    His family, which includes numerous medical professionals , know about it, have not reported it, have turned a blind eye to it. Disgusting.
    His parents have encouraged him to go into family practice, which allows free access to most drugs. Instead of keeping him close by ,they advocate sending him away to be a hindrance on society.
    His wife , also a health care professional, stands strongly by his side while he abuses the trust of innocent patients.
    Would any of these people trust his judgement, allow their children or loved ones to be seen by him. a definite NO. Yet it is acceptable for him to treat the 100's of patients he comes into contact with. and gets paid for it. and spends that money on more drugs. YES thats ok then.

    To his family, friends,wife, I am disgusted. You allow this, you stand idly by while he is doing a grave injustice. This legacy he is leaving, is also your legacy.

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    Has this doctor been reported to the Health Professionals Council?

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    Iv known of a few cases like this, health professional board can't do much unless proof or others also complain.otherwise he said she said... Onus on family and wife to alert authority , they know the details.

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    To t premature of you bslighk e he writer. Having worked at a rehab myself I know that behind the addiction there is a story. People don't just become addicted to a substance whatever it might be. I am in no way condoning the doctors use of substances. But have you taken the time to talk to him or his wife and understand why he does this? Is it because he has deep seated psychological issues and the only way he can overcome is through the use of drugs or maybe he has chronic pain and because he has access to it he abuses certain medication so that he can function in his day to day life? It's all fair and we'll running off and reporting the doctor and his wife. But until you have walked in their issues I think it's slightly premature of you to go about lambasting this person. We all have our demons. Kudos to the doctor for being man enough to go and get the help he needs. This can happen to anyone. Make dua for him and his wife. If you genuinely care, reach out to them and give them your heartfelt support rather than your judgement.

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    report him

    Unfortunately this destructive behaviour of the doctor is detrimental to himself and what is worse is he is putting other lives in danger. as a muslim we usually prevent harm before we attain good. if he still practising he needs to be exposed some how and he must not be allowed to practise in an intoxicated state.

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    'Kudos to doctor" ????
    Frankly, who cares what deep psychological issues he has? he should stop practicing (and being a menace to society and innocent patients) till he is clean for a year and then restart. the comment on "get to know why he takes it".. that's for his rehab counselor, his family and himself to sort out. to the rest of us, he should stop doing an injustice to others. it is a GRAVE SIN and HARAAM to oppress and deceive patients, especially under the guise of health care provider. The general public don't care what his problems are, just that he stops doing a criminal act. there is no excuse for this, none whatsoever for him to continue to practice. yes its CRIMINAL. i know personally on a doctor in the exact same situation, with a supporting pharmacist wife. she even orders his presciption "pain meds" for him. let alone the pethidine for the practice and who knows what else. crazy i tell you... we cant judge people,we can only judge action. and his action of continuing to treat patients is just wrong.

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    So this information you came across, i wonder where you heard it and whether you have proof or have seen anything with ur own eyes? What are your solutions for helping ur muslim brother rather than trying to destroy a family or ruin his career? Have u tried speaking to him? Suggesting good rehabs etc? U can report him but hpcsa will just require him to go to a rehab and psychiatric evaluation and regular testing...he won't have to stop practicing. ..as for all ur disgust. .as someone in almost the exact same situation, i am a pharmacist who has to be his parent somtimes, sometimes a guard n police woman who would NEVER order the stuff for him..which sane wife does that. Yes we have 2 keep certain meds in the practice but under strict lock n key and never schedule 6 meds. Do u realise how much the family of an addict goes through and u want to come here with ur disgust on ur high horse. Have u bothered to find out about addiction? I have researched extensively and let me tell u a 'recovering addict' will have slip ups... it is a disease affecting this ummah and i have even seen aalims in rehab. It will do u good 2 google 'how to treat a drug addict' by mufti menk and get a little informed before u judge ppl. Riba and adultery are on the same level as drugs actually i even heard in some talks worse yet wud u poke ur nose der? Addiction starts of as a fun silly thing but is a painful daily struggle n unless u gonna offer some sort of support, don't add more stress by acting concerned wen its clear ur motives arent pure. No family jus allows an addict to carry on without trying trying to help in everyway n i commend them for standing by him n not disowning him like so many families do n allowing them to get worse ...atleast they are trying to help him, as muslim parents that i der duty..helping someone who cant always think logically avoid overdose and without imaan is time well spent not discussing other peoples lives and judging them

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    I'm ashamed to say that I am one of those health professional fam members who do stand idly by...in fear of severing family connection.to answer 'disgusted' question, no I wouldn't let my loved one be examined by any medical personal who may be under drug influence..someone asked me, if he/she was the school bus driver , would you be more vocal? Yes obviously. And this situation is no different I know. its not so easy. I pray daily that he/she is clean,has regular drug tests, because as 'walkamile' said... Its the illogical thinking that is the worry. Drug addicts come from all walks of life, they are kind and caring, often the nicest in families. I'm not sure how comparing addicition to other sins helps the situation? As a community we should try to help, and preventing mistreatment of patients is one of those. Assessing his/her fitness to practice is not a reflection on character, rather assuring they don't make 'illogical' decisions that hurt innocent bystanders. Being a doctor is accepting the trust from Allah swt , to do no harm. The learned aalims concur with that.

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