Slms. I am sooo frustrated. Trying to find a decent school for my toddlers in the south of Jhb is a nightmare. I am trying to avoid travelling to Lenasia so I am currently looking at all options surrounding me...There are +-20 schools within a 20km radius but ALL Christian / Catholic schools. I was looking forward to putting my kids into the new Ridgeway Muslim school BUT I was very disappointed at the school. Their fees are very reasonable but absolutely no thought was put into designing that school. It seems to be just an office block made into a school. The kids play on the tarred car park with no benches or playground equipment, & this is a primary school. I know they are waiting for funds to add all these extras but why does our muslim community spend thousands on building mosques within a few km radius of each other & not rather invest all that money on providing our Muslim kids with better schools. If these Christian schools allowed my son to leave on Fridays to mosque & my daughter to wear pants with her dress, I would have no choice but to send my kids to these schools.