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    Im a 19 year old girl married 2 years, my husband recently became very cold and ignorant towards me. He constantly belittles me or blames me for everything going wrong. Iv tried my utmost best to make my marriage work. He used to want to be with his sister every weekend its as if he can't b alone with me. He refuses to take responsibility for anything he does. He was on drugs before, he has threatened to do it again.

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    dont' put yourself through this


    There is no need for you to put yourself through such agony.

    If he wants to use drugs it's his choice, not yours. You don't have to feel responsible.

    You need to take charge of your life and make tough decisions like leaving him.

    And always remember, you can't make choices for others. His actions are his own responsibility. In the same way your actions and decisions are yours. Be Strong and make the right decisions.

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