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09-04-2014, 10:19 AM
Aslm I have been so hurt and shock at the relationship I share wit my friend as I took her as my sister shared everything of my life wit her the day I got married I never let my husband get in the way of tis bond we shared as I loved her and would do anything for her,anyways I was in a bad phase of my life a few months back very ill after I gave birth and as shocking as it is I never expected for her to not even phone,message or come and see me while I was on my death bed in hospital,I was so sick tat I even landed up in ICU,the reason she didn suck up to me as she said its cos I deleted her off my bbm and honestly my phone broke I lost everything,was tat reason enough for her not to care about me???or am I just being childish??she was in a reltionship at tat time and now she's married she cut me out of everything didn want me to no anything about her husband to b up until her wedding she didn invite me her mother did and she didn ask even once wen am I comin as I phoned every week to ask if she need anything I got watever she needed and in the end I gave it to her and she made like it was nothing and said just leave it all there cos there isn any space in my bag I told her I'll pack it in she said the bags were locked and someone else has the keys so I left it,everytym I went to the house she didn even greet me even as a muslim...but I stayed on cos her mummy begged me and I take her like my own mother until the wedding day she didn even bother to ask me to take a single photo wit her at her wedding and wen it was my tym I made sure my mummy calls her and her mother cos I wanted them to b part of everything...is there anything left to save tis relationship or must I move on as I am very depressed about tis situation on her wedding she asked me to help her get done the morning I went her mummy told me I must leave it cos she has some other ppl to help I message twiced but no reply,I feel betrayed,angered, depressed and most of all hurt tat I don't wana speak to her again but my heart says a different thing during the years of our friendship I have bEen there for her shared everything wit her my wedding tym I didn do anything without showing her she helped me get done every nyt of the wedding week packed my bags I left things for her to do cos I new I could count on her but she didn feel the same about me after evrything we had been through pls advise me on tis I dono how to get passed all tis and move on

09-04-2014, 01:11 PM
Dear sister. Allah knows best .In my humble opinion there seems to be something troubling your friend if possible try an have an amicable conversation with her trying to be sincere in finding out the course of this problem between you two..if you get know where and things get worse then it is in my opinion time to move on. But try your best to mend broken ties before you move on .Allah opens many doors for us this could be a time to make your spouse your best friend .and there after Allah knows best