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21-10-2013, 12:07 PM
Iv been married for 17 yrs. My "marriage" lasted less than a month. Got pregnant immediately, shukr. Got my first hiding one week after marriage, thereafter evry opportune moment. Had a vry risky pregnancy wid all d violence αη∂ abuse of evry kind. Literally spent six mnths in hospital til my dawter ws born. Due ŧ் all my complications my dawter ws ill so we cud only b dscharged wen baby ws seven days old...he neva worked first nine yrs of marriage. We had ŧ் move in wid my parents so they took cre of us, him included. I went ŧ் work wen baby ws a year old...he spent d yrs cheating, stealing frm me, abusing us wilst stil livin wid my fmly αη∂ it ws ok. Afta much abuse αη∂ affairs I had ŧ் seek help frm d law αη∂ we finally separated. He suddenly had a brainstorm, full of promise αη∂ blah blah blah. I came unda pressure frm my fmly so gave him an ultimatum. He agreed. We relocated, he got a job, bt it dint last. Three jobs later, we bak in dbn. I forgot ŧ் mention hez a pathological liar. Evrybody noz him for wat he is, bt smhow including my fmly, they chooz ŧ் support him αη∂ insist I live wid him αη∂ tolerate. I helped him find anoda job, lasted seven months. My health deteriorated drastically so can't work at d moment. I hav no fmly support. Financially insecure. My dawter αη∂ I hate our lives, bt we live at his mercy. He givs nothin bt expects evrythin. Yes he pays d rent. We also tk a lot of help frm my parents. Its such a hopeless situation. We havnt connected in all these yrs. Ths is jst d jis of d story. WHAT DO I DO???? Ther doznt seem ŧ் be any options open. I am truly alone. Wats worse is my dawter has bn witness ŧ் it all. Nothins hidden. She aches a lot, coz she livs wid d hope that somday......

22-10-2013, 02:51 PM
Pick up your things and walk out - I know that it sounds easier said than done - but you rather be alone than have him in your life. He wont be able to stay with your parents - and will have to leave - which is when you can return. Look for a friend, or aunt with whom you can stay with, while he moves out. STOP supporting him - you are condoning this lifestyle -You are to BLAME - STOP right now.

Get a job, empower yourself and move one! its not easy, but its better than where you are!

Depend on God- and you will be surprised to see how many hands and hearts open to you, when you empower yourself, pick yourself up and walk out - no one is going to do this for you - if you dont - you are condemning your daughter to a life of servitude and misery, that she will allow others to abuse her.