View Full Version : weak n brittle nails .

19-06-2013, 04:19 PM
my sons nails r very brittle .just touch it against something n it breaks off . n his toenails r hard n brittles .any advice or tips .tia

Dr Joy Saville
21-06-2013, 10:14 AM
There are many causes of brittle nails including fungal infections, nutrient deficiencies, excessive dryness (harsh chemicals found in detergents or soaps, or excessive indoor heat), signs of other underlying illness conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dehydration, and asthma. Therefore it is best you take him to a medical practitioner for a full physical examination.

You should however ensure that he is getting the proper nutrition. Depending on his age, he should eat around 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Cut down of the sugars, high fat and oily foods, and avoid the use of too many spices (pure spices are better than mixed spices that may contain preservatives). Make sure he drinks plenty of room temperature or warm water (30ml per kg of body weight e.g. if he weighs 30kg - 30 x 30 = 900ml of water). Bath him with aqueous cream or a mild soap.

He may also use tissue salt number 12 - silicea (I prefer natura brand or atifa tissue salt powders)

All the best