View Full Version : Mom is deceased no relationship with step father

06-06-2013, 01:39 PM
My mother has passed away. I have a step father. They didnt have kids together, cause both were married before and had children with their previous spouses. My biological father passed away when I was 2. I did not ever see my step father as a father figure as I could see he only tolerated me because of my mother. He got married quite soon after my mothers death. It still hurts, for me its like it happened yesterday and cannot grasp how he could have moved on so fast. I now have no relationship with him. I have two children, who knew him as their granddad, but after my wife and I had told them about his new wife, they do not want to see him either. I do not know what to do as he treated my mother well over the years. I just cant face seeing this new women and him together in my mothers space. What do I do? Islamically what is required of me?