View Full Version : Restore energy and vitality 7 yr old

29-05-2013, 03:48 PM
Hi there Dr Joy
Last Thursday my 7yr old got sick, fever a few times a day, headache, sore throat (no inflammation on tonsils and no coughing or mucous) and tummy ache.
I gave her 3,4,7 TS
And throat and anti virabac
Used ponstan for the fever.
She's gotten over her symptoms but iv noticed that she's lost her appetite hardly eats much and is tired and drained all the time.
She does drink enough water.
What can I give her to get her back to normal.
Also wat can I use for fever instead of conventional meds?
Please help

Dr Joy Saville
05-06-2013, 09:50 PM
Tibb has a product called enerlift which is helpful in the restoration of energy after an infection. However if he levels of energy remain unchanged after a few days it will be best to take her to your medical practitioner to evaluate if there are any other causes of a loss of energy. Previously we had a product called feveroff, but this has been discontinued. To my knowledge there are no alternative products that are indicated specifically for fevers. Usually products like Septoguard and Flu relief will have certain anti-pyretic properties, but it will not work in the same way as something like paracetamol