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19-05-2013, 09:16 PM
From Mohammed Salahudeen (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003694824491):

FOOD FOR THOUGHTSaud Al-Shuraim Imaam in Makkah in his khutba tul istisqaa(Dua for Rain) mentioned: Prices are high!!And Women are dressed scantily!!And the masaajids are Desserted!!And the commands of Allah are Neglected!!Robbers and Thieves are Protected!!And the Mujahideen are put under restrictions !!Fornication is Widespread and Regarded as permissable!!Marriage is made to be Impossible !! Women are Dominant over their men!! Muslim lands are unjustly occupied!!And the poor left out in the rain without any Shade!!There are only but a few Major Signs of Qiyamah to Appear!So make tawbah and Repent, O Ummah!All we hear from people today is be careful of this one and be careful of that book and don't join this group and dont join that man and his organisation and beware of his aqaaid - BUT LOOK AT YOUR AQAA'ID and see how perfect you are, before you point fingers at the next group - Do you live like the sahaabaa?? Do you have the akhlaq of the sahaabaa? Do you even love the sahaabaa? You point fingers at others and you encourage divisions amongst the ummah in the name of Haq! But you indulge in interest, You indulge in extravagance, You indulge in arrogance and pride, You indulge in haraam banking, You indulge in haraam businesses that promote fitnah and fasad, You sell cigarrettes that kill people, You sell filthy haraam magazines in your service stations, You sell products that cause cancer and disease, You usurp the rights of orphans, You ill treat your wives, You abuse your staff and look down upon the poor and needy, You waste Allahs wealth on palatial homes and expensive cars!SO HOW CAN YOU BE THE PERFECT GROUP???

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