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14-05-2013, 01:58 PM
slmz to all
married for 3 years , live next to my inlaws.dont have any kids yet. im writing this to find some kind of comfort and hoping some of the ladies here can help me. ill overlook the small issues that i have and jus list the major ones.please dont say i shud talk to huby- if he listened i wudnt have to write this.
i still see us as a newly wed couple- but from day one mil has intruded in our life
if me n hubby are chatting she needs to know what about- even if shes just walking past our door. if we going out she needs to know wer we going wat time well b back or shell come with. we go to her house everyday wen we cum back from work (i understand hubby wants to make sure his parents are ok) but she expects us to sit there for hours. if she gets visitor and we are on the way out or we out already she will call us to cum back home to see to the guests. my hubbys sis is married has 1 kid- wen the kid comes to sleep over by her house she expects me to change baby and feed baby regardless of how tired or sick i feel wen i come back from work. its at the stage wen hubby and i have no time togather alone watso ever. im annoyed. esp wen it cums to seeing to my sil kids- if i was ready to see to my own kids i wudv had them by now.

14-05-2013, 02:27 PM
wow slap that old lady in the head if i was u u need to tell her the next time you going out that she cnt come or simple if she ask tell her you going to the club and will love for her to come along ..it might seem like i am been rude but im not if you dnt show some 1 the line they will never see it simple ....as for the kids drop them 1 time and the will never tell u to do it again trust me it works ....all the best my friend think out of the box