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01-05-2013, 02:58 PM
Hi I would just like to know. I was on the pill on and off for the past two years more off than on but everytime I take it I get anxiety attacks and severe joint pains, the thing is I hve so take it to regulate hormones as I was diagnosed with pcos and if I dnt I suffer with with the pcos symptoms really don't know what to do please advice thank you

Dr Joy Saville
06-05-2013, 11:16 AM
I am copying and pasting the below information from a previous post as the advice given is very similar.

PCOS is largely a result of poor lifestyle, so adjusting this is important for the successful management of your condition

You may want to explore different options to assist with this lifestyle adjustment as it is not always easy to do this by yourself. I personally recommend weigh less. This is based on my own experience with this weight loss group. The meal plans are comprehensive and does not deprive you of any one food group. Vegetable intake is strongly encouraged as well as portion control.

You would also need to partake in an exercise program. Again explore different options and find one that works for you. I enjoy activities like zumba, yoga and pilates. It is easier for me to maintain an exercise regime if i am having fun while doing it

In terms of treatment, you may want to explore natural alternatives for menstrual cycle regulation. I always advise taking any medication (even natural products) under the supervision of a practitioner as there is no one size fits all. You can however try using Tibb gynaecare syrup and livotibb. If you are insulin resistant you may want to get Tibb glucostop as well.

Therapies like cupping therapy can also assist in the regulation of your menstrual cycle

All the best