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01-11-2012, 01:06 PM
I jst wantd 2 knw if its nrmal 2 feel nausea at anytym in the day...im nt pregnant cz ive been havin dis 4rm b4 i had a child and ive been gnin 4 sonars nd blood test so im def nt,im 20 so i want 2 knw wat i cn use 4 this oh nd i cnt smel nly if i breathe in nd if its realy bad...is sumtin wrng perhaps

Dr Joy Saville
07-11-2012, 11:09 AM
Nausea can be a sign of an underlying problem. It can result from a psychological or physical problem. Certain medications can also cause nausea. In order for an accurate diagnosis to be made you must visit your doctor so that a full history and examination can be taken. Please email me if you would like to explore an alternative approach and i will forward you a list of natural medicine practitioners that are closest to you