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24-04-2013, 10:12 AM
My child had part of her cervical lymph node removed.
I notice that, that side of her face appears puffier and she sometimes complains of pain in the area.
Usually when she complains of pain, she also complains that it hurts under her knees as well.
So I'm wondering if this is just growing pains or should I be concerned?
Also what are the long term repercussions of having removed the node partially?
What can I do to help her lymphatic system along?
Diet or tissue salts ?
And advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Dr Joy Saville
06-05-2013, 08:54 AM
My apologies for the delayed response

One complication of having a lymphadonectomy is lymphoedema. This is when lymph accumulates in excess quantities which can account for her facial puffiness

Tissue salts 2,3,5,8 and 10 can be used to assist the lymphatic system with No 5 being the most important TS as it is the operating agent for the glands

In terms of diet, reducing mucous producing foods like milk, white breads, sugary foods etc and increasing heating herbs like garlic, ginger, and chili will be beneficial to her condition.

I would advise that you take her for a check up, to make sure that there are no serious underlying issues

07-05-2013, 09:59 AM
Thank you so much.