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18-04-2013, 06:57 PM
Hi. I posted this thread before but can't seem to find it. My eyes are very puffy and these bags look ugly. I've tried almost every eye cream including cucummber and tea bags. Is this hereditary. Can something be done. Or is there a medical problem?

Dr Joy Saville
24-04-2013, 10:56 AM
Puffy eyes may result from various reasons and so it is always best to have a general check up to ensure that the cause of the puffiness is non pathological. Diet, alcohol, a lack or excess sleep, age can all contribute towards puffiness.

In terms of diet, avoiding foods that cause acidity is advised. This includes high fat, oily, greasy foods. Also sugary foods, white bread, pastas etc. Try to keep your foods as close to nature as possible. so include lots of vegetables (raw or steamed), fruits, lean meats (fish and chicken) to your diet.

Try to do light to moderate exercise 3 times a week. Exercise helps strengthen all your organs, but also helps eliminate waste from the body. I recommend yoga and pilates as it has the added stress reduction benefits.

Try to keep a positive out look at life. negative thoughts can also be acidic to the body. Write and recite positive affirmations daily.

I have recently discovered tissue salts, which has proven really beneficial to me. I would encourage that you get a full facial analysis done with a consultant (please email me for more details of consultants in and around your area). In the mean time you can use natura tissue salt 10 and 11. 10 is for acidity and 11 is an eliminator. I encourage you to take a photo of yourself without make up now and then do so in a months time to track any progress. Also note that certain foods can worsen the appearance of facial signs. Make a food diary so that you can assess which foods agree with you and which foods worsens the puffiness around the eyes