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17-04-2013, 01:57 PM
I suffer from IBS with constipation. I have been to the doc and he has prescibed me laxatives like senokot and movicol. However I am looking for tips on diet to improve my health on a daily basis. I don't like taking laxatives and I would like to find a natural way to get my system working regularly. The probiotic LP299V is like my best friend because it really helps, but it's also very expensive.

From what I understand, IBS can be caused from intolerance to a number of food groups. Personally I have noticed that when I eat particularly spicy foods or eat things like milk tart, the bloating, flatulence and general discomfort start. So I've deduced that dairy products and excessive spices should probably be avoided. I make a point to eat fruits and vegetabales and drink lots of water, regardless of that, I do still get constipated.

I find that every day I have a lot of bloating and flatulence everyday, it gets much worse after lunch and dinner. It's really embarassing and hard to deal with on a daily basis, especially at work. I have to eat specific things like dried fruit if I actually want my system to work and even then it's unpredictable.

Please could you give me any tips on what foods could help and what foods I should avoid to make me feel better? Thank you.

Dr Joy Saville
24-04-2013, 10:40 AM

My apologies for not responding sooner, but I wanted to get the necessary information before replying

If all other causes of abdominal pain, bloating and constipation has been ruled out then you can try the following.

The liver is seen as the seat of metabolism in Tibb, it is also considered one of the main organs and so it is likely that a dysfunction in the liver can contribute or be a cause in your symptoms. Some foods that stimulates and protects the liver include garlic and tumeric. With garlic, try to take it in raw, by swallowing the entire clove or cut it and sprinkle over meals. tumeric should be used with black pepper to increase the absorption. Another liver protective remedy is olive oil and lemon juice. This should also help work the bowels. Take 3 tablespoons of olive with the juice of 1 lemon before going to bed and upon waking up. The colour of your stool may change and you may see green floaty things. Don't be alarmed. This remedy also helps cleanse the gallbladder which is what causes the green discolouration.

You may want to try cutting out all possible foods that cause bloating and constipation for 2 weeks. I advise that you cut out all refined, processed, dairy and high sugar foods for 2 weeks. Also avoid breads, pastas and rice. Your diet should consist mainly of vegetables and lean meats like chicken breast and fish. After 2 weeks slowly reintroduce other foods into your diet and see if they are well tolerated or not. It's a slow process but it will help you tailor make a diet plan suited for your needs

Exercise is also really important in stimulating bowel peristalsis. My advice about exercise is always to find something that you enjoy. this will help in maintaining an exercise program. You might want to try yoga and pilates. This is a great form of exercise suitable for all people and it helps in the reduction of stress (another major cause of IBS)

Another home remedy for constipation is aloe juice (not the yummy tasting aloe juice they sell in some shops). Look for the 100% aloe juice with no sugar added at health shops. Or you can make your own by boiling 3 aloe leaves in a litre of water for an hour. Then take 3 tablespoons of this mixture daily. This has a very gentle laxative effect and also has healing properties

All the best

24-04-2013, 02:15 PM
Thank you so much! I will definately be trying these things. I must admit that I dont exercise as much as I should, so I will try to get better at that.
I just want to confirm one thing...would the ********* Aloe Concentrate be classified as one of those yummy tasting juices or is it the proper stuff? It claims to have no sugar and 40% aloe juice. If it's not the right thing, I will go looking for another one.
Thanks again.

Dr Joy Saville
24-04-2013, 02:49 PM
It's probably not the right thing even though i can't view the name. it has to be 100% aloe juice. It should not taste sweet at all. Check the ingredients and nutritional value table on the bottle. Aloe should be the only ingredient. If not then another juice (or something else) has been added to sweeten it. Check at health shops. they should have pure aloe juice