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27-03-2013, 03:47 PM
Hi Doctor,

I am a 24 year old female diagnosed with RA. I have always been healthy and very active. This is just out of the blue. Please advise how to cope with RA (this sickness has affected my entire life) how to exercise? Diet? I'm in too much pain to play with my little 2 year old.

Also I have been advised by the GP not to plan kids for now as I am on cortisone. Is this true?

Thanks so much

Dr Joy Saville
03-04-2013, 04:25 PM
I have been looking at a study on the immunomodulatory effects of blood letting cupping therapy in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am pleasantly surprised at the results. I would strongly encourage you to explore this route and go for regular sessions of cupping as this study shows the great reduction in RF with combined therapy i.e. drug and cupping therapy.

Cortisone should be taken with caution during pregnancy as it has been associated with placental insufficiency, low birth weight and still birth.

The following Tibb medication can be used:
Tibb Rumaflam
Tibb Antiflam
Haemoclear syrup

The following home remedy may provide relief:

1. Take a few unpeeled potato slices
2. Soak in 1 glass cold water overnight
3. Drink this water on an empty stomach, every morning

In terms of diet and exercise - I would encourage you to partake in exercises like yoga. Also you should avoid carb rich foods, sugar and high fat foods. Increase your fruit and veg intake and eat small amounts of lean meats. The point of the diet is to decrease the acidity which can onset pain and other inflammatory symptoms.

Please email me if you would like details of cupping practitioners in and around your area