View Full Version : conditions for niqab?

16-10-2012, 03:31 PM
As salaamu alaikum..

I am currently studying and I travel twice a week to college with a few boys from my class as there is no other transport available for me to go. I am in full hijab, however I deeply desire to adorn the niqab for the pleasure of اللَّه.. May اللَّه make it easy for me and accept it from me آمِيْن.. My parents however think that if I go in to niqab I should not be leaving my home. Please advice whether there is anything wrong with me having to complete my studies at college whilst being in niqab. Also in general if I'm covering myself from strange men is there anything wrong with going out of my home (not unecessarily) especially if I'm with my parents?

جزاكم الله خير