View Full Version : Contamination and halaal products

26-02-2013, 03:02 PM
A recent report by Stellenbosch University found that minced meat, burger patties, sausages and other processed meat contained, amongst other things, soya, goat, water buffalo and donkey. http://www.fin24.com/Economy/Donkey-buffalo-found-in-SA-meat-20130226

I have been wondering whether establishments that sell halaal products are honest in the labelling of the contents of burgers, sausages and other processed meat products. I am also wondering whether there is any possibility of contamination. Recent testing in the UK and Switzerland found that kebabs (the one sliced from a rotisserie) sold as lamb contained chicken and in some instances pork. To what extent are South African organisations that certify products as halaal conducting their own testing to exclude the possibility of such contamination. Or do they just take the assurances of the companies at face value?