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26-02-2013, 09:31 AM
Hi Dr

I would like to enquire how do practioners diagnose pcos , should patients bring in there bloods, or do you test with your own machines? What does a consultation cost?


Dr Joy Saville
27-02-2013, 09:23 AM
Diagnosis for PCOS is often based on a detailed case history (presence of hirsutism or acne; irregular menstrual cycle; abdominal obesity), blood test (insulin, lipid profile, androgenic hormones) and an ultra sound (check for the presence of cysts on the ovaries or enlarged ovaries).

The Investigative tests done by Tibb practitioners (those that differ from conventional test) may show the underlying cause and imbalance of the illness condition. Highly specialised practitioners may be able to identify the exact organ where this imbalance derives from

The consultation cost will depend on the practitioner you visit. Please visit www.satibb.co.za for more information regarding our Tibb practitioners