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21-02-2013, 07:06 PM
Fathima Zahra Sayed Mohideen#GANGSTERISM AND BULLYING# PART 2Incident1) victim is accused of telling on boys who broke a neighbours fence. Foul language was used on victim during break. Just outside school gates after school as victim leaves school yard boy grabs victim from behind and attacks him. Incident 2) 8 boys attack victim in school assembly area in the morning. One boy slapped victim, the others kicked victim whilst foul language was used on him. Later that day one boy spat at him.Incident 3) victim goes to the t/shop, 2 students from that group of boys made fun of him, asking him for a slice of bread using foul language, the one boy unclipped a chain from jeans and swung it at victim hitting his eye, victim defended himself and ran off home!Incident 4) As victim and friends came out of the school toilet they were approached by boys and one threatened to stab victim.Incident 5) Victim was on his way to the mosque to read his namaaz, he was confronted on the nearby highway by 3 boys and an unknown hefty male (keeping in mind that the one boy took an early leave from school) , the boy who took early leave had a brick in his hand, he threatened to smash the brick on victims face remarking "no-one can do anything because his uncle was a leader in TDK, a town gang"Incident 6) on that morning victim was shown a threatening hand signal, during first lunch-break, as victim stood on the grounds with friends, 30 boys approached him, some stood and watched and the others attacked victim,kicking him. Teachers arrived and stopped the fight and victim ran to the office, not receiving a call the victim's mum enters school unexpectadly to discuss brick incident, on arrival she finds out from another female student that her son was attacked by 30 boys, hysterical the mum calls the dad. Dad arrives and asks son to point out boys to bring them to office, one boy tried to slap victim and the father intervenes . Local newspapers and parents who were not present have made heavy statements, false allegations and false accusations against parents and victim, now they are the "thugs"....apart from these incidents the victim was threatened that "soon he will have nowhere to run" and "it wasn't over", and boys relatives were going to "catch" him after school....all this was relayed to the school's acting principal, the parents of the victim did not open any charges because from the 2nd incident they were told the SGB are aware of everything and they are deciding on a tribunal date but SGB knew nothing up until the Last incident when things got out of hand. Parents of the boys were never present yet victims parents requested for them to be informed of all incidents. Any parent wil react out of anger especially if their child's life was in danger...victim is out of school for over a week now whilst some of these "bullies" are at school! pls share ur views, assistance, and advice. Shukran

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