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20-02-2013, 03:40 PM
From Ismail Kazi (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1778967462):

Assalaamu-alaik umRespected brothers & sisters in Islam,It is now exactly six months and thirteen days since brother Fayaz Kazi was brutally assaulted to such an extent that he passed away due to his injuries. Brother Fayaz Kazi was attacked by two burly white men who mocked his beard and hurled racist remarks at him and his friend. Brother Fayaz Kazi was a kind and gentle human being who gave his life defending a Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi Sallallahu-alai hi-wasallam. According to most, if not all the Ulema, brother Fayaz Kazi is regarded as a martyr.Shortly after brother Fayaz Kaziís horrendous murder, the two suspects applied for bail. On the 22nd of August 2012 one suspect was denied bail and the other one was granted bail of R2000 at the Krugersdorp court. Thereafter the case was postponed to the 29th of November 2012 and it keeps getting postponed till todayOn Last week Friday the 15th of February 2013 there was another court hearing and once again it was postponed. One can only imagine the pain that the Kazi family has had to endure by repeatedly reliving the horrendous murder of their loved one. At the last hearing, last Friday, the defense of the suspect who is in police custody were appealing for bail on the grounds that the anger within the Muslim community has died down and the support is no longer as strong as it was!I AM MAKING A HUMBLE APPEAL TO EVERY MUSLIM OUT THERE WHO IS WITHIN REACH OF THE KRUGERSDORP MAGISTRATES COURT TO REGARD THIS AS A MINOR JIHAD AND ATTEND THE COURT PROCEEDINGS OF THE FAYAZ KAZI CASE ON THURSDAY THE 21ST OF FEBRUARY 2013. Let us make it clear to the prosecutor that we, the Muslims of South Africa r hurt n angry over the senseless killing of an innocent young man by a bunch of racist, religiously intolerant Afrikaners who MUST be made to pay the price for their crime! We also demand that justice be served in the best possible way so that the cold blooded murderer of our brother Fayaz Kazi is not granted bail.Plz share

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