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20-02-2013, 09:32 AM
To all married people, Please share what are your secrets for a happy n blissful marriage.

And what are some of the things u do for ur spouse to make them feel important n special.

Jzk ;-)

20-02-2013, 02:08 PM
1. Listen to each other and try to understand what the other is saying. Sometimes we want our voice to be the loudest and we forget to listen to the other person.
2. Do not be selfish - try to share whatever you have with the other (not just money and things, but more importantly laughter, a happy moment, good memories).
3. Be willing to make compromises - this does not mean that you should give in to his or her wishes, but a willingness to meet the other person half way on issues.
4. It is often the little, insignificant things that make the biggest difference -noticing what the other person is wearing, smiling at each other in the morning when you awake, a tender touch on the arm, a hug, helping out when the other is not well, letting the other sleep a little longer on a Sunday morning, making the other person breakfast or a cup of tea.
5. Be less demanding - strive to do the best yourself, but demand less from the other. If we demand less, our expectations are always met.
6. Be forgiving - overlook mistakes, make up as quickly as possible after a fight - never go to bed angry with each other.
7. Be perceptive - by simply looking at the other person you should know that she or he has discomfort or pain. Show that you care - rub his or her back, giver her or him a paracetamol or a cup of tea
8. Show kindness and be comforting - be a source of comfort for your partner; a confidant and a friend. Share new interesting things you learn each day - what you have read in the news, opinions about issues (you do not have to always agree - it is very healthy to disagree and argue at times).
9. Be trusting - after all you have married the person and you have literally placed your life in the other person's hands. Don't harbour suspicions and don't let others put suspicions in your mind. If you have a hunch but no proof, let it go; don't dwell on it. It becomes a festering sore and will destroy your relationship. Trust also means that you should be open and honest with each other from the beginning.
10. Know when to shut up - it is more important to know when to keep quiet than to know when to speak. Often it is better to walk away from an angry person than to say something that will inflame the situation. Come back to the discussion when things are calmer; both of you will be able to have a sensible conversation. Some times it is better not to say something than blurting it out - you will regret it and hurt the other person.

26-02-2013, 01:55 PM
Communication, communication, communication! Respect each other when you talk, esp when you argue. Never shout or swear. Sometimes you will have to cool down before you can have a proper talk, which is fine. The other thing is honesty. Be honest with your partner. It is easier to admit jealousy or when you are unhappy then to just ask him to change his behavior.
Spend quality time together, talk or go for walks, not just sit in front of the TV. We spend a lot of time on BBM at work, I am always logged on, we chat on and off almost everyday.
My husband and I have been together almost 6 years, and we are both blissfully happy. A lot depends on you as individuals, I am lucky my husband doesn't mind things like BBM etc.