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08-02-2013, 06:35 AM
Hi need some advice please(mummy question)my lg is 3yrs old,she as long beautiful hair,problem is she's picked up nits and lice recently from creche..any advice on what I could do or use to get rid of it.
Thanking you in advance

08-02-2013, 10:37 AM
Hi there , dischem has a range of products , if she has lice - I would go with the strong stuff - shampoo not the tea tree one - u will need follow instructions on box - and buy the metal tooth comb - that helps the best wen combing out . All linen , clothes , toys need to be washed so u don't get reinfected - I usually put toys in blk dustbin bag close and leave for 2 weeks with out opening - there's also a place in randburg - google that can treat ur daughter n come n clean ur house -
I think they called nit busters ... Never tried them , but they can help wen it comes to school .

After all is said n done - u get an anti -lice treatment spray .. I spray everyday no matter what - u can also apply baby oil with a few drops of tea tree mix on hair( but this makes hair look oily ) -

Those critters are the worse !!!! I HATE them - cos there's so much more then just washing hair u have to do entire house n family .... Good luck !!!!!!!
And I hope this helped !!!!