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30-01-2013, 09:22 PM
Slmz/hi all

I'd like to know what time do u put ur kids under 10 to bed on a school night n what time do u allow them to slp over weekends?

Also what is ur kids routine from the time they return from madressa upto the time they go to bed?

I'd like as many responses as possible. T.I.A

04-02-2013, 07:53 PM
Up at 6am
School at 7:15am
School finish at 12:30
Home by 12:50
Quick lunch and change
Madresa at 1:30pm
Madressa finish at 3:15pm
Home by 3:30pm
Homework and sabaq after madressa
Playtime till 5:45 pm
Bath and supper.
Bed time at 6:30pm
Story and kalima
Lights out at 7pm

No tv at all during the week.
Occassionally a kids movie on the weekend once or twice a month.
Indoor and outdoor play.
Board games, books, trampoline, bicycle, swingball.

Weekends bedtime remains the same. Sometimes half hour later. I try to keep bedtime the same as the routine gets messed up if kids allowed to stay up late on weekends.
If we out them bedtime is late but then kids get to bed 15 min earlier for next few days to get bak into routine.

It all depends on how much sleep ur child needs to be a happy child.
Mine need at least 11 hours to be happy and they wake up themselves in the morning. I feel that kids are happier when they wake up when theyv had enough sleep. If your child struggles to get up every morning then kid def not getting enough sleep.
Try putting to bed 10 min early everyday until you get to desired bedtime.
If kids are sleeping late now, don't put them to bed 1 hour earlier cos they wil not be able to sleep. A few mins earlier each day will combat this problem.

Children need to be well rested to be fresh and attentive at school.
Routines work wonders. And kids know wat to expect everyday.

Best of luck.