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22-01-2013, 10:00 AM
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18-12-2017, 09:33 PM
A girl met a guy

Mesmerised by his good looks, she immediately knew he was not for her. "Good looking men are never yours alone", she told herself.
But you cannot control the heart, KISMET as it is known.
Not only did she fall in love with his handsome face, but his smell, his voice, his existence made her heart skip many beats. She had never experienced such an intense feeling of love before… "could he be the one? Is this how you know?"
As days passed and the anticipation to their BIG day, she was extremely excited, despite the obstacles surrounding her. She looked forward to spending her forever with him, her "perfect" man.
She saved herself for her true love, and that day was dawning close. She picked out the sexiest most beautiful attire to please him.
The day had passed, joyful and tearful as she stepped out of one life into another.
That BIG moment of giving her innocence to him just happened… she was still in shock as to how it all happened so suddenly, expecting it to be passionate and romantic. But overlooked it, thinking it will all happen on the official honeymoon destination.
Being as naďve and innocent that she was, she touched him in places that aroused him but did not follow through with the action. Little did she realize that this would set the mode for the honeymoon, an unexpected one ☹
Needless to say the honeymoon was just a holiday, filled with rejection and humiliation. She started doubting herself : I am unattractive, I am unsexy, I am unsatisfying, I am UGLY!
Back home into normal routine, just 2 weeks in to the marriage, she evidently made the comment that he didn’t love her. To her woe, he did not deny it.
She sobbed the whole night asking her Creator "Why did YOU place love in my heart for someone whom YOU have not placed the same for me? How do I live like this? What do I do?"
Days passed and she still loved him very much. Her heart never let go. She told herself "this marriage can be blissful on my love alone, even if he does not feel the same."
She was soon pregnant with THEIR miracle first child. This too didn’t ignite a spark of love in his heart for her. He never pampered or cherished her during this change in her life and body. Days were harder and trials were stronger, but she kept on looking ahead hopeful.
Their 1st anniversary, Oh what a beautiful love filled weekend it was. For the first time she saw him look at her with love in his eyes, she was ready to conquer the world. Their baby was born into immense love. Fairytale perfect ♥
This too was short lived. Two years on and the battle continued, the battle for his love, his care.
She praises him by their families, friends, her new colleagues. Everyone looks at her in awe, because she has the "perfect" husband.
While back home, she has accepted that she is in a loveless marriage, with all the criticism and insults. But her heart is still engraved with his name. how does she erase this from her heart?
Many questions combat her mind: "How can I let go of him from my heart? Why am I so dumb and desperate?"
He repeatedly proved that he does not love, care and understand her. He doesn’t even know her favourite colour, food, car, song, etc. He doesn’t notice her.
He has no interest in her -THE END-
What must she do?
• End the façade
• Continue hoping
• Just love with no expectation
• ???

02-01-2018, 04:12 PM

Has she tried talking to him, and letting him know her feelings?

Is she positive he has no feelings for her? Some men do not express their love for their spouse adequately/take them for granted!!!

Let him know your feelings - ask that you both seeking marital counselling!!

15-02-2018, 07:17 AM
My elder sister is married before 2yrs ...she has no children ......all r worried abt it plz teell us da waay wat to do