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11-06-2012, 11:02 AM
Slm my husband and I are experiencing lots of problems. My in laws hate me due to my appearance not being good enough. They also don't like that I don't bow down to my husband like my mother in law does. My husband and I work hand in hand not where I'm the slave and he is the master. Needless to say after all the influence and him allowing it, things got worse. He started on drugs also...now is clean at least.we are separated as he asked to give him time to get a job and place for us. On saturday I noticed him chattin on mxit and to my surprise it was all day long. He said it was to his cousins. When I logged on to check with his pin it was to another girl. He said that we divorced and they were planning to sleep together together. I confronted him and he said that he thought we were since its been two months that we haven't seen each other and that I have gone cold toward him.he wants to be with me but says I seem to have lost love so he thought it was over.now I don't trust him although I can see he deleted this woman.he wants to go for counselling.what can I do.please hellp

Zarina Chohan
21-06-2012, 11:37 PM
Are you wanting to work at your marriage and are u commited to making it work?
Does your husband want to make it work and is he commited to it?
If the reponse is 'yes' to both questions than counselling is an excellent idea.

21-06-2012, 11:49 PM
Girl, this is not a marriage that needs counselling. This is a marriage that needs divorce. Your husband is a drug addict, a cheater, emotionally abusive and manipulative and you will not gain his trust. He does not want to be with you and he is not going to respond to counseling. You are better off without him. Be brave and step away, and stop existing in a cloud of hope. Get him the number for a proper rehabilitation centre that is effective when it comes to drug use and tell him that you can not exist in a marriage based on lies and deceit. Wake up call!!! Your apparent 'coldness' (which I find hard to believe as you've stuck with this man) is not an excuse for cheating, don't let him blame you for his own severe mistake and shortcomings. Your husband at this point is, to put it lightly, a loser. Don't stick with someone you don't trust. You are better than that and deserve better. What do you need him for except misery? Be self-sufficient. Practice truth and expect to be with someone who does the same.