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01-08-2012, 10:21 AM
I am 52 yr old male. I was diagnosed as diabetic type 2 in 2009. I take 1 Metformin 500 daily in the morning after breakfast and glucose sugar levels normally range from 7 - 10

Since we are fasting i have been taking my meds after supper daily at 18.15

Yesterday my vision was blurry at about 15.00

Took meds as normal at 18.15

Tested sugar level at 20.15. It was at 12.5

Took another metformin 500 at 20.45

Got up at 04.15 am this morning in a sweat from head to toe.

Everything was wet with sweat from head to toe

Tested sugar level. It was 9.6

What could have been the possible cause of breaking into a sweat.

Also noticed that daily i have palpitations / flutter ( racing heartbeat) between 06.15 and 07.30 when i am trying to catch up some sleep.

Dr Joy Saville
01-08-2012, 01:03 PM
The blurred vision, night sweats and palpitations are probably due to your blood glucose levels dropping rapidly.
It is not generally advised for diabetic patients to fast as the body is not able to regulate blood glucose levels as it should
therefore diabetics are more likely to experience abnormal rise and falls of the blood sugar which can be very dangerous if it falls too low (hypoglycaemia)
This is more likely to happen when you are fasting or when you haven't eaten for long periods of time - which is probably why you experienced the blurred vision around 15:00
You should eat low GI foods in the morning and evening as this might sustain you for longer. But you should definitely consult with your Dr about fasting and how best to take your medication during this time if you are to continue fasting